Empire Market URL & Review

Empire Market is a well know and respected marketplace on the deep web that exists on the Tor Network. Of course we had to write up this review to show you the pros and cons.

This marketplace it’s growing fast, everyday pop’s up new services and products from both new and well respected sellers with a long history and trust.

The case for this review is to give you the best idea of what kind of marketplace try’s to achieve. What are it’s security options, trust and the potential this platform has and will have in the future.

Before we dive in you need check your OP-SEC is on point and then you can move on!

Here are our top VPN recommendation that has a no-logs policy:

Fire up your Tor Browser and disable javascript and be sure to have your security settings to the safest level. Now we can start exploring the Empire Market link.

Important: You should NEVER access the deep web without a VPN and Tor Browser.

Accessing a deep web marketplace may not be illegal but trading on one 99% of the time it always is. This Empire Market review was made to explain what the Deep Web has to offer among other things The services, offers, products and their legitimacy was not verified by us. Any activity legal or illegal on the Empire Market or the Deep Web is completely and solely your own responsibility.

Empire Market Review

One of the Empire Market’s most notable feature is that is almost identical to one of the very popular and used marketplace on the deep web, the famous Alphabay. Empire Market it’s not trying to replicate the former marketplace Alphabay, rather it looks like a tribute to the once most popular marketplaces on the deep web. It’s a normal deep web marketplace which simplifies the trading of buying and selling of different services or products which are hard to find, illegal or banned in almost all countries in the world.

Here’s an examination of the Empire Market before we proceed further:

Empire Market Mirror Links:

In case the Main URL is down, here are alternative mirror links which can be used to access the Empire Market.

Now that you know the official Empire Market URL and it’s mirror link we can proceed with a more thorough breakdown of some of the features Empire Market has to offer.

1. UI – User Interface

Normally most of the deep web markets reviews we do on this site tend to start with an overview of the user interface.

If you can’t figure out the site or it’s features and how to make a certain option work for you then it’s a poor design.

If you were familiar with the Alphabay marketplace then the Empire Market place should be no problem for you as it looks exactly like it.

As Alphabay was the most popular marketplace in it’s era it seems logic to make the Empire Marker user interface similar to Alphabay. It’s easily understood by the majority of the users on the platform and why change that if it works.

Literally like Alphabay, Empire Marker also has the top bar with the most important links like Messages, Orders, Balance, Support etc.

The other part of the site is split into two important parts, the left sidebar which contains the:

Profile Information for the user.

The sidebar on the right:

It’s a good and simple interface and it’s not hard to navigate and understand. Especially if you like and you’re familiar with the Alphabay’s user interface.

2. Products, Services and Goods Offered

Every deep web marketplace has it’s primary objective the availability of goods, products and services on it’s platform.

This is one of the main strong points that Empire Market has. With it’s impressive 52k listings and growing everyday you will find almost anything you can think of.

Below you will find the current categories and the number of listings each one has.

As expected, Drugs & Chemicals is the most popular section as on any other deep web market. They have over 38796 listings currently available.

The second most popular category on Empire Marker is Digital Products with almost 6000 listings at the time of this review. The digital products are items which can be sent digitally and includes sub categories like Fraud Software, E-books, Legit Software, Game Keys, etc.

Anything that doesn’t need to be shipped vi post, DHL, FedEx can be found in this category. The third on the list is with well over 4000 listings. Under this category you can find anything from Accounts and Bank Drops to Dumps and CVV and Cards.

Guides & Tutorials with 2500+ listings you can be sure you can find anything you want to learn or find out “how to”. It has a lot of tutorials and guides on how to make your own drugs to social engineering and hacking.

Before taking any action on the Empire Market, make sure you read the FAQ page that will tell you how you can use the escrow service, to deposit and withdraw your money, where you can find the PGP key for the market and so on.

3. Security

One other feature we take very seriously when it comes to deep web marketplaces is their security.

Because you well know they are not really “leagal” and cant go and complain to anybody that you lose your account, you’ve been hacked or you’ve been scammed. So it all depends on the site to make sure their security is on point and up to date. Also it’s your responsibility to take care of your own security and make sure you are using, VPN + Tor Network, disable your Javascript and so on.

Here are some of the security features Empire Market has to offer:

PGB encryption is the strongest and best encryption protocol existing at the current time and it’s very easy to user and it’s available for everyone for free.

A PGB key is required for every Vendors on the Empire Market marketplace and it’s optionally but encouraged for buyers to also use it.

This helps you verify the Vendors authenticity and keeps your messages encrypted plus a lot more so, we highly recommend using it as a seller or as a buyer.

The next one is the 6 digits pin code you have to choose when you first create your account. This adds an extra step of security and you will be asked for this pin whenever you are making any changes to your account. So make sure you don’t lose it.

You will also receive your 9 word Mnemonic code when you first create your account. You should copy and save this somewhere safe. If you ever lost your username or passwords the 9 word Mnemonic code will be the only thing that help you recover them. It’s like a master-key for your account.

2FA – 2 Factor Authentication – This form of authentication can be enabled by using your PGP key. A message will be displayed when you login which has to be decrypted with your own PGP key. After a successful decryption the login is allowed.

Empire Market has enabled the so called login phrase. This is a phrase that you choose during sign up and is displayed on your home page after you login. If the phrase it’s not the one you have created when you registered your account or it’s not displayed at all you may be on a fake site and not the official Empire Market URL.

One great feature of the Empire Market marketplace is the arability of Escrow for both digital and psychical listings. Escrow makes sure both the seller and the buyer are not being scammed and their funds and products are being delivered safely.

In this Empire Market review we will try to show you that also trust factors are very important to the site. The ability to trust the vendors and other users on the platform is very important.

That’s why one of the great thing on Empire Market it’s the Feedback. Both buyers and sellers and read other users positive or negative feedback’s when it comes to a certain product or service. Empire Market has a $100 obligation in place, this makes sure that not everyone can place listings on their site and be filled with scammers and spammers.

Also, before making your purchase you can find more information about a vendor on their profile page which includes information such as:

As you have seen Empire Market takes it’s security very seriously. And we can’t forget about the mirror verification option. On the homepage you can verify a mirror to make sure about it’s authenticity. You do not need to be registered in order to use the Mirror Verification option.

4. Payment Methods and Currencies Accepted

Empire Market stands out when it comes to the payment methods accepted. It supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and our favorite Monero as we all now that using Monero (XMR) no outside observer can tell the source, amount or destination of the funds.

By having multiple options of payments the transaction fees will be lower considering that with Bitcoin sometimes you can get a pretty high fee rate.

5. Search Process

The last on the list for this Empire Market review is the search function. Like you have expected the search feature is identical to the one that Alphabay had on their website.

As expected the search function is extremely powerful and let’s you do a search based on your keywords, select between physical and digital products and you can also select the country of the product and if it ships to your country.

You can select the trust level of the seller so it only displays the search results with the best and trusted sellers on the market. In other words the search option on Empire Market is remarkable.

6. Affiliate Program

Empire Market has it’s own affiliate program where you can earn a 20% commission on every order placed on the market that you refer.

The fee of Empire Market is 4% for every product or service and if you need to contact them you can do so by opening a ticket on their website.

7. Empire Market Lottery

We’ve talked a bit about the Empire Market’s Lottery above. Here we’re going into more details about it.

Anyone who is registered on the website can participate in the Lottery for a small fee of only $1. You can select 6 lucky numbers, and if you get them right you can win up to $10k.

On the backed of the lottery it’s a pretty awesome thing as it involves the blockchain technology and hashes. It’s a fair draw and everyone can check it live and verify that everything is random and rigged. The end results are spited into classes.

The biggest payout is 15% of the entire pool for Class 1, and Class 5 results only revived the amount of ticket price x2.

Last words about the Empire Market URL and Review

To close up this Empire Market review, we discuss our view and thoughts on this market.

It looks so familiar and easy to use, keeping in mind their features, sections and user interface we can say they nailed it. Some people will say their a clone of the Alphabay market others will say it’s a tribute but in the end everyone can agree that is one of the best market around.

Regarding the availability of the services, products and goods, with over 50,000 listings we can honestly say that it’s a solid and rich market with many options to chose from.

Hope this review may have been of help to you and feel free to leave us a message with what other markets you will like us to review.